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The Thames challenge1 min read

Aaahhhh The Thames….. that magical river running through London. Without it London would never have existed. So, obviously, we owe it a big Thank You!

The Thames can be seen from countless places in London. It is seen by most of us regularly and we sort of take it for granted, but how much do we actually know about it? We put you to the test. Are you ready for our Thames challenge?

You have 3min 20sec! It’s time to be smart quickly!

Question #1: How long is the Thames?

Question #2: How many species of fish can be found in the Thames?

Question #3: Where does the name “Thames” come from?

Question #4: How much of London’s drinking water comes from the Thames?

Question #5: Grim fact but… how many body or bodies are found in the Thames every week on average?

Question #6: When did The Great Stench take place?

Question #7: Which movies took place on the Thames?

Question #8: How many bridges cross the Thames in Greater London?

Question #9: What is the Thames Path in London?

Question #10: The Thames has its own event celebrating it every year. What is it called and when does it take place?

If you would like to receive all the correct answers, simply email us at: and we will be pleased to send them to  you.

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