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Walk the docks3 min read

We wanted to go to Tobacco Dock (which historically was used to store imported tobacco hence the name). Nope, it has nothing to do with a place where teenagers can smoke all sorts of things. We thought, though, that it would be a place opened during the weekend and where we could take part in some fun events. We saw their website one day and misunderstood what they are about. It’s a place where companies can organise events. It’s also a hot-desking place for businesses. When we went there last Sunday, the place was closed. Needless to say that we had it all wrong. But that didn’t stop us from enjoying the sunny day. From Tobacco Dock, we decided to go to another dock: Saint Kathrine’s Dock. We had a lovely walk between both docks.
We started by walking along Ornamental Canal which is lovely and quiet and made our way to Saint Kathrines’s Dock and this is what we saw….

The Shard standing tall at the end of this canal walk
The boat at Tobacco Dock. Some events are hosted here during week days.
We were getting closer and closer to the Shard. The combination of a green walk and modern architecture was fascinating.
We were lucky to be here on a warm sunny day. It was so peaceful and romantic. The whole walk doesn’t give you a feel of London, but rather of a quiet town. Only the Shard gives it out from time to time.
We got inspired by this frame for a photo of the Shard
Chill in Hermitage Riverside Garden. It has great views over Tower Bridge.
Have a bite or a pint at the famous Dickens Inn. Their pizzas are specially recommended.
St Katherine’s Dock boasts a great collection of expensive yachts…
… and places to eat.
Our boat 😉
If you would like to trace our steps and have a nice stroll down the canal, see the Shard from a different point of view, enjoy peace and quiet amongst the trees or have a drink in the Dickens Inn, here’s a map of where we went.

At the end of the walk you turn up at Tower Bridge. If you’re lucky enough you may see it lifting for a big boat, like we did:

As you can understand, we had a very nice walk. We really enjoyed it.
You can stop by the canal, in a park or by the Thames.
St Katherine’s is a bit busy but the rest of the walk was very quiet.
If you fancy a nice afternoon walking in the sun then make sure you walk the Docks. You can even bring the dogs along!

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