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33 Ways to save money in London4 min read

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We have heard countless times that London is an expensive city. It is true but let’s move on from that obvious statement and let’s make sure this does not prevent us from enjoying ourselves. Here we give you 33 ways to save money in the capital, which we hope will help you see another (and more positive) side of London.

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Eating and Drinking

  • Happy hours: you can enjoy some nice drinks for less
  • Eat out for less: there are several ways you can save when eating out. Follow these simple steps
  • Best cheap eats: here are a few nice places where you can eat well for less in London
  • Buy food in a supermarket (or on a market) and eat in a park: there are many supermarkets and markets in London so buy from them to save money.
  • Kids eat for free campaigns
  • Free birthday meals: you might need to show some ID but if you do, you could be offered a meal or a cake…
  • Vouchers: you could use vouchers to reduce your food bill
  • All-you-can-eat buffet: there are many all-you-can-eat buffets in London. Eat at those to save money
Double deckers provide a great view of London


  • Use the bus or walk: the bus is cheap in London but walking is even better because it costs you nothing!
  • You should definitely walk between Covent Garden and Leicester Square tube stations since they are very close to each other
  • Don’t travel during rush hour; it’s cheaper to travel during off-peak times
  • Use the Oyster Card: it is a widely used travelcard that can help you save money on transport
  • Buy a 7 day travelcard
  • Use Uber: the taxi app is very popular in London and it works really well too!
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Quirky Container City housing


  • Avoid hotels in the city centre: London hotels are good but they come at a price so if you want to save money, find an alternative (see just below)
  • Go for Couchsurfing: this gives you the possibility to sleep at someone else’s property without paying
  • Airbnb: is an accommodation renting platform. It is very popular in London. It offers more comfort than couchsurfing. There’s a cost involved, but it’s much cheaper than hotels
  • B&B: if you would like a lodging with breakfast go for a B&B. This should still be cheaper than a hotel
The moving Rex at the Natural History Museum

Museums and Attractions

  • Free museums
  • Free attractions
  • Enjoy free parks
  • Best bus routes to see famous attractions
  • Avoid paying for the London Eye. We suggest you go to Hampstead Heath or Primrose Hill or walk to the top of St Paul’s Cathedral instead since the view from there will be as breathtaking
  • Avoid paying for Madame Tussauds (the wax museum). Do you really need to see wax made celebrities? And are you even into celebrities in the first place?

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  • Do not change money in Central London because the rates you will get are pretty bad
  • Don’t pay for a sightseeing bus, travel with the double-deckers instead. Have a look at a London route map and decide which buses you would like to jump on: copy


    • Know that some clubs offer free entry
    • And some clubs offer free entry before a certain time so check for these – one example: Guanabara
    • Walk on the Southbank so you can see many landmarks. It is a beautiful walk and one that you will definitely enjoy
    • Go to Covent Garden, Leicester Square or Southbank to see some street performers
    • Street markets: it is such a pleasure to walk through London street markets. They are very interesting. They sell all sorts of antiques….and tasty food!
    • Free music: music lovers are not left behind. There are many free concerts that take place across London
    • Save on theatre: in a recent post we listed 39 ways of saving on theatre tickets. Yes, there are at least 39!

Living in or visiting London does not have to be expensive. There are two areas where it is hard to save: transport and accommodation. Although, there are ways to save on these two as we have shown. But you should be able to save on all the rest.

So if you live in London, apply these tips so you can make the most of London instead of being stuck at home watching TV.

If you are a tourist and have been dreaming of coming to London, don’t let money decide for you. You can come to London (make sure you read this) and not spend a fortune.

London is known to be a billionaire’s playground. But if you follow our advice it can also be your playground!

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