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Welcome to London!1 min read

We came across a brilliant video about London. It’s the type of video we wanted to do ourselves but we had not found the time to do yet.
And since someone did it brilliantly, we thought… let’s share the love!
So we decided to show you the video we saw because we think it’s been done so perfectly that it will make even old grumpy Londoners fall in love with their fantastic city again.
Sometimes, we need someone else to show us the beauty in what we take for granted.

To enjoy the following video you need to:

  • sit comfortably
  • have a drink
  • and… relax

Are you ready?

Now cue in the video:

Credit to Mattia Bicchi for this excellent video

We hope you liked it as much as we did.
Now that you realise how lucky you are, you know what we are going to say….

go out and enjoy London!

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