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What is Greater London3 min read

London is not your usual city. In fact, we could say London is not your usual ‘cities’. Indeed, London is made of different entities and what people refer to as London is actually Greater London which is made of different parts.

Which ones are they?

Read on to find out….

City of London

The City of London is an independent part of Greater London so in essence it is a city within the city. The City of London is managed by the City of London Corporation. The City of London Corporation aims at promoting London as a leading international and financial centre, increasing opportunities for all Londoners as well as promoting the capital as a cultural hub.
In addition, it also takes care of the Barbican estate and the usual services such as: education, streets, libraries etc.

The Mayor of the City of London is called Lord Mayor (not to be mixed with the Mayor of London). He resides at Mansion House which is his official residence. He is elected annually.

There are a bit less than 10,000 inhabitants living in the City of London.

About 2.9 square km which is equal to 1.12 sq. mile (hence why the City of London is often referred to as the “Square Mile”).

The City of London has its own police force. You might have noticed their logo.






map1City of Westminster

The City of Westminster is one of the London boroughs located right at the heart of Greater London.

The City of Westminster has its own mayor.

There are about 235,000 people living in the City of Westminster.

About 21.48 square km

The Metropolitan Police is the police force used by this borough.



London Boroughs

Excluding the City of Westminster, there are 32 London boroughs.
Boroughs are managed by London Borough Councils and they are responsible for various services such as: waste collection, roads, schools and social services

Each borough has its own mayor who is elected every four year

The population varies per borough but it ranges from 150,000 to 300,000 inhabitants.

Their size of each borough also differs and ranges from 15 to 150 square km

The police force used is the London Metropolitan Police.

Depending on their location, boroughs can be considered part of Inner London or Outer London

Greater London

Greater London is basically the sum of all the areas described above:

City of London + City of Westminster + London Boroughs

There are about 8.5 million people living in Greater London

Greater London is a vast area that is about 1,500 square km big!
Here we show you how big and spread it is (FYI, the distance between Hayes and Romford is about 40 miles):


It can be confusing to know what people talk about when talking about London. A bit of deciphering is required. It took us several years to know that there are actually different entities that form London.

We hope, with this information, we’ve saved you years of looking like you don’t know the basics about your own city!

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