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When a statue talks2 min read

Over the years, we have walked the streets of London a lot and have walked passed its statues countless times and yet up until recently we hadn’t noticed that the statues wanted to talk to us….

London’s statues are the opposite of London commuters: the statues are ‘lively’ and want to talk! 🙂
If you want to listen to their stories, it’s simple: you need to find one of the purple signs that reads ‘Talking Statue’.
If you see one, bring your phone close to the “NFC” symbol, or type the web address given in your browser or scan the QR code.
We used the QR code of the Hugh Myddleton statue located in the Islington area. A page appeared and we had to press “Go”. Once done, we received a phone call by Hugh Myddleton ‘himself’ and he told us a bit about his story.
Actually, it wasn’t exactly Hugh himself but rather a funny actor who told us about Hugh’s story. The voice sounded more like a cool history teacher rather than a boring or pedantic one. So we got to learn that Hugh Myddleton helped bring clean water to London in 1613. Had we ignored that chatty statue, we would have known none of it.

Talking Statue is an interesting idea that tells the stories of about 30 important figures of the London/British culture. It mixes drama, light-heartedness and technology location to teach us a few facts about some of the statues around us. They use actors and writers to tell the stories.
If you come across one of those Talking Statue signs (download the map to see where they are located), stop for a few minutes.

Listen to its story and learn something on the go and in a fun way. It’s like a free guide!

Talking Hugh was quite entertaining!

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