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Women in Tech 2.03 min read

Women in Technology (or “Women in Tech”, if you want to sound cool) is as common as guys wearing pink skirts.

Ok that’s a bit of an exaggeration but this is (partially) true.

The Technology world often uses words such as ‘game changer’, ‘revolutionise’ or ‘disruptive’.

But where is the disruption when the Technology sector is worse than other ‘monolithic’ industries and suffers from an under represented female work force? If anything, the disruption is a backward one…


Who created that problem?

Is it men’s fault? The usual culprit….

Is it the media? That doesn’t talk enough about the brilliant female minds creating some fantastic new technologies?

Or worse…is it everybody’s fault for thinking that Tech is only for (male) ‘geeks’?

Anyway, this is not a blame game but things have to change!

Isn’t it ironic that Ada Lovelace (a Londoner) is often described as the ‘Mother of Computing’ (since she is considered to be the first computer programmer) but yet in 2016, there are not enough women in Tech?….

In London there are many ways women can become part of the Tech scene. You can:

manager-454866_1920 copy
12% of Managing Directors in London City are women (Astbury Marsden research)

There is no denying that women still face tremendous and unfair challenges not only with work but also and sadly in their private lives.

But Tech (even if it won’t solve all the problems) gives women a formidable opportunity to work in an exciting industry. And no, it is not a man’s playground! Women should understand that Tech is also open to them and that provided they have the right skills, many companies will hire them.

Tech could bring women not only job opportunities but also a platform to express themselves and a possibility to work on technologies that can improve their (and other people’s) lives.

The London Tech scene has already seen some interesting female related success stories, such as: Alexandra Depledge, Donna North, Sarah Wood and Alexandra Chong.

woman-281473_1920 copy

So come on ladies, use coding to change the world for the better and ‘reprogram’ minds to improve tolerance and acceptance. Besides, the trend is with you. There are some positive developments taking place right now. For example, 38% of start-ups at Campus London have at least one female founder!

To the women who make London Tech scene interesting, vibrant and less men dominated…. Thank You!

Happy Women’s Day to every Woman (wherever you are)!

march-8-1228403_1920 copy

Do you know of any talented woman in Tech that is a hidden talent? Please, get in touch by filling in our online form below.


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