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On Ye Bike London!1 min read

On Ye Bike London!
London has been investing in cycling for the past few years and will carry on doing so for another few years. The Vision for Cycling program is very interesting and promising.
Cycling in London will soon feel very safe and enjoyable not only because of the safer dedicated routes but also because these routes will be greener (more trees will be planted on cycle routes etc.). There are the Cycle Superhighways, there will be some mini-Hollands (because the Netherlands with their cycling culture is a good example) and also some Quietways (which will be quieter and low-traffic routes to cycle on).
We found an excellent video that shows the London’s Vision for Cycling which we encourage you to see….

London is about to become a city with a world class cycling network that will make the capital feel like a village. It will also make the city greener since Londoners will be more enticed to swap their cars for their bikes and it will help them keep fit.
Already, the city has rolled out its Cycle Superhighways and there are safer routes that will be rolled out this year and beyond. Cycling in London is fast becoming a very enjoyable experience. So, we encourage everybody to get the dust and spider webs off their bikes and start pedalling.

On Ye Bike London!

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