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Pizza Thing.png

Jacob Farber

Graphic design – 5

Artist Statement

For my Pizza logo project I made the Lil Thanos Pizza. This purple pizza contains some real yummy toppings on it. The fan favorite, Thanos cheese, is making a return to all pizzas replacing the mozzarella. The toppings are, uncut pineapple, pepperoni, and Thanos cheese of course.

The media I used for my artwork is Adobe illustrator. I used a lot of layers to make sure I can get the look I want even if things get messy. For the pineapple I took a picture from online and drew over it which pretty much made the same image.

The main inspiration behind my artwork is Thanos memes. My favorite of all of Thanos memes has to be Thanos car which is the most badass car on the whole planet. The big idea behind this artwork is just to be funny. I like memes so I chose to make a pizza based on a meme.

My goal as an artist is just to be able to put down what’s in my head onto whatever I’m working on whether it’s paper or an adobe document. I think I accomplished that in my art piece because I like what I made and I think it’s funny which was the goal.

Peer critique

Critic: Chase Shavey

I think you should add a third dimension to it and I like the faded Obama is gone in the background. Why did you name it “Thanos pizza” instead of “Lean pizza”?

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